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Technology Services

Get the technology you need without all the trouble.

Our technology services team maps out everything you need for a successful implementation. Then they can make it all work so you can focus on more important things, like your business.


  • Plant floors often have a generational mix of technology, from the very old to the very new. Relax. No matter the age of your equipment, the IT services team at Plex knows how to make everything work together. Purchase from us and get volume discounts or purchase independently and contract with us to make it all work. Either way, we make sure you have what’s needed for a successful implementation. If you already have in-house IT staff, Plex can supplement your team when needed on an affordable hourly basis.
  • Today’s Internet-focused world requires 24/7 access. One of our most in-demand services is the deployment of a wireless network infrastructure that keeps customers connected to the Plex Cloud. With reliable wireless service, you know what’s happening on the plant floor in real time: what’s coming in, what’s up with inventory, what’s shipping out and what your quality quotient is. The Plex IT team has helped countless customers set up secure wireless network infrastructure. We can help you too. Go mobile. Get productive and track inventory anytime.
  • Think of us as an orchestra conductor. We bring all the assets of your manufacturing environment together so that they perform beautifully. It starts with a conversation. Then, we send representatives from our IT Services division to do a free assessment of your plant environment. Next, we make recommendations for the equipment you need to successfully deploy the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. Working with Plex, you have the option to purchase the necessary equipment at a discounted rate or buy on your own and retain our team to configure and connect your hardware. We make it all work together so you can get back to what really matters – your business.
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Internet Connectivity
When you select a solution from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, our IT Services team implements an Internet connectivity process. We help you set up on-site redundancy to the Internet, whether it’s a T-1 + cable or dedicated DSL. If you’re using PLC integrated systems with the Plex Cloud, we can also set up redundancy that allows the Plex Data Center to respond to your local servers and create a back-up path to a secondary server in the event of a hardware failure at your location. Plex can redirect the web traffic and eliminate any outage or loss of data, giving you the peace of mind that your plant floor keeps on producing no matter what.
Technology Partners
Plex Systems maintains beneficial partnerships with equipment providers who can fulfill customer needs in the areas of label printing, mobile scanning, PC workstations and barcode scanners. We trust our partners to treat our customers as we would, with attentiveness and integrity.

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