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Minimize the Cost of Quality for a Competitive Advantage

Quality is no longer a differentiator among manufacturers. High quality is expected and achievable. The focus today is on how to minimize the costs involved in achieving quality.The manufacturer that can achieve quality most affordably, with the least waste in the system, is the one that will win in the tough, global market. Cloud ERP enables the improvements you need to minimize your cost of quality.

  • Track the cost of quality.
  • Streamline processes with integrated quality, supply chain management and ERP functions.
  • Shift manual processes to electronic traceability and document management to speed information flow, improve productivity, and minimize errors.
  • Easily identify and isolate quality issues to avoid rework and delays.


Series Webinars:

  • Reduce the Cost of Quality in Electronics — Feb. 13

    February 13, 2013, 1:00 pm


    Market leaders’ advantages over competitors are often razor-thin in the fast-paced environment of global electronics manufacturing. One factor that gives them the edge is their ability to minimize the cost of quality. Join Plex Systems and LNS Research for this webinar, also relevant for automotive, aerospace and defense, industrial, and other manufacturers.
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  • Trim the Operational Cost of Quality in Electronics Manufacturing — Feb. 27

    February 27, 2013 1:00 pm
    Interested in delivering the maximum level of quality with minimum effort and expense? Consider how Cloud ERP improves the key operational components of your overall cost of quality by providing a true Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS).
    Plex Systems Senior Account Manager of Electronics/High-Tech Solutions John Lundy will challenge the status quo of existing quality initiatives and provoke new thoughts and ideas for companies that want to be quality leaders. See how Cloud ERP meets today’s challenges by providing EQMS that delivers more meaningful quality data for less cost.
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  • Plex Online Demo on Minimizing Cost of Quality — Mar.13

    March 13, 2013 1:00 pm
    Register for a timely, informative Cloud ERP demo for manufacturers interested in minimizing the cost of quality. See how the integrated, comprehensive Plex Online Cloud ERP system brings manufacturers a paper-free quality management environment. See first-hand how Plex Online provides integrated quality and minimizes costs. The online demo highlights the features and benefits that Cloud ERP provides to reduce the overall cost of managing quality across the global manufacturing enterprise.
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