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On-Premise Manufacturing ERP: The Scary Truth

Watch the movie if you dare…

Your business has been taken over by the living dead and you don’t even know it.

Learn how to get the undead out of manufacturing.
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This informative analyst report details the thought process and questions involved with adopting an ERP system. Learn how cost, functionality, technology integration and deployment methods all interrelate to form the information base needed to decide on an ERP system for your business.

ERP as a Living System
When it comes to system upgrades, we do all the heavy lifting. Community-driven system upgrades are done without the user having to lift a finger. Read more.

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Is Your ERP Dead or Alive?
Is your ERP alive and thriving or has it joined the living dead? Take the quiz now to find out if your business is suffering from zombie ERP.

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Ten Warning Signs
Is your ERP system killing your business? Paper highlights common pitfalls stemming from lengthy implementations and costly upgrades.

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Zombie ERP Checklist
Use this checklist to see if your on-premise system has joined the undead and is sucking the life out of your manufacturing enterprise.