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Manufacturing ERP for Endless Innovation

Cloud ERP from Plex Systems isn’t the next new thing. It’s the need-it-now thing for manufacturers of every kind. We call it cloud ERP because that’s what people know. But our software is a living thing, changing and adapting just as your business does. And as long as we’re living, the possibilities are endless.

Functional Areas

Functional Fit ERP

We’re more than functional. We’re a functional fit for manufacturing businesses. Your business starts on the plant floor so that’s where our software starts. We capture information at the place where things are made. We monitor and control processes and communicate it all in real time across every functional area of your business.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud

Responsive ERP that Grows with your Business

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is constantly changing, improving and growing just like your business. It's more than just cloud ERP, it's a platform that supports innovation while driving business forward. Our cloud ERP connects every part of your business, however big or small, helping you be more efficient by making smarter, more profitable decisions.

Business Processes

Winning ERP to Compete on Cost, Quality, Speed

Our cloud ERP is an engine for business innovation. And innovation occurs when people and business processes are connected. With unlimited users, the Plex Manufacturing Cloud is inherently collaborative. When key resources can communicate, they can collaborate. And when they collaborate, business can compete, and win.