Plex Systems ERP Software

Design to Retire (PLM)

Make your products better, throughout their life.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud makes it easy to envision, design, produce, sell, and ultimately remove (retire) products from the market when no longer necessary or useful—and as the cycle begins again for new and better replacement products.

  • Use CRM tools to track strategic opportunities from their creation
  • BOM and Process Routing track detailed records form the foundation of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES).
  • Core records in the Quality System enable effective and fully-integrated product and process FMEA (Failure Mode Effects Analysis)
  • Advanced Quality Planning (AQP) flows through to production launch and daily controls on the floor.


  • Program Management for 360-degree control of projects
  • Engineering Change Management for broad, full integrated and cross-functional automation
  • Product Launch Management for automated APQP, PPAP, SPC and more
  • Customer Service Management and Warranty Tracking
  • Supplier Quality Management
  • Service-Only Conversion and Sunset/End of Life Obsolescence Management
The Complete Lifecycle

It’s a powerful idea. A single, standard version of the truth flows through quoting, program initiation, execution, product and process validation and launch. This shared information assures a capable production process with capacity to meet customer requirements, all the way to program conclusion.

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The Power of Product Lifecycle Management

There’s power in tight integration between ERP and PLM. This paper shows how to improve productivity, accuracy and decision making.