Plex Systems ERP Software

Plan to Produce

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud was born on the plant floor.

That’s why its integration and discipline of plant floor production is second to none. Production is recorded as it happens, so real-time inventory numbers are always available.

In the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, a product and its method of production is defined in the system one time—and that one definition is referred to for sales, production, quality, costing, shipping and all other purposes.

The process routing defined by Plex Cloud engineering data determines how products are made, how cost is accrued and assures a complete traceability path for the inventory. Every step in the routing is associated with any number and combination of workcenters (internal points of production) or suppliers (for purchased components and outside processing). The process routing completely controls how work in process flows through operations on the plant floor; for example, if production requires five operations to be done in specified sequence, the system automatically validates that no operation is omitted, completed in the wrong order or performed at an unapproved location.

Real-time Production Recording
  • Log in to accrue labor hours against the production job
  • Set the workcenter status for tracking equipment utilization
  • Ensure preventative maintenance has been performed, or request new service or repairs
  • Select the next production job based on the master schedule
  • Validate the correct tooling is in place and is being tracked for tool life analysis
  • Verify the correct source material, subject to lot control, is present at the workcenter
  • Perform product inspections and record the results on fully electronic checksheets, as specified by the quality control plan and statistical process control (SPC) requirements
  • Record production and identify produced inventory with barcoded labels, while automatically adjusting the consumed source material
  • Record and visually identify scrap or suspect inventor
Automated Inventory Management
  • Track inventory in real time
  • Produce only the inventory required, when it is required
  • Reduce scrap, defects and costs
  • Produce and process inventory in the most cost effective way
  • Provide detailed traceability of inventory source material and production history

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The Power of Product Lifecycle Management

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