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Procure to Pay

Profitability. Today’s manufacturer is smart to focus on the bottom line.

For a better profit position, automate and streamline the procure-to-pay process by linking purchasing and payables.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud supports the procure to pay process from material planning all the way through payment to the supplier for goods and services used. The procure-to-pay process is supported by these modules.


Supplier Management
  • Use Electronic Request for Quotes (E-RFQ) to seek new sources, better prices or both.
Direct Materials
  • Calculate requirements for purchased materials based on Sales Orders, Releases and Forecasts.
  • Automatically place orders based on PO contract terms, lead times, etc., PO can be as simple as a onetime spot buy to recurring purchases indicated as release lines on a blanket PO
  • Issue EDI transactions (ANSI, EDIFACT, others).
Indirect Materials / Supply Items
  • Quickly submit requisitions to the appropriate area of the organization to request materials, services, equipment and other indirect items for purchase.
  • Combine approved requisitions into one or more Purchase Orders.
  • Selectively track usage and trigger a new PO based on min/max parameters.
  • Receive supply items and services with ease.
Account Payables
  • Optionally create payables based on receipts or debit memos for supplier claims.
  • Manage un-vouchered and vouchered receipts.
  • Link payables to project accounts.
  • Automate payments.
Supplier Portal

Conduct day-to-day business more efficiently:

  • Present RFQs and capture quotes
  • Receive and acknowledge purchase orders
  • Track subcontracted work
  • Print labels
  • Issue Shipping Notices
  • Be notified of consumed inventory, including consigned inventory
  • Present Invoices
  • Supplier Claims and Returns

Increase the Quality of your purchased components:

  • Provide access to view and report status on new product introduction programs.
  • Communicate issues via Problem Control (e.g, CAPA, 8D) and track responses.
  • Present Quality Scorecard
  • And more

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