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Reconcile to Report

We’re not about accounting time. We’re about manufacturing time.

Finally – you gain a real time view of all financial transactions affecting your entire manufacturing business.

With the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, everything starts from the plant floor. That means financial transactions generated from Accounts Receivable Invoicing, Cash Receipts, Accounts Payable Generation, Cash Payments and General Journal Entries are all recorded and reported in real time – and flow from the shop floor to the top floor.

It’s now easy to:

  • Analyze posted transactions
  • Reconcile those transactions within the general ledger account
  • Produce preliminary reporting
  • Review and enter adjusting entries
  • Reconcile after adjustments
  • Produce final reports

Easy, Secure, Auditable Adjustments
  • Click-through links from the ledger activity reports back to the originating transaction, and the ability (by authorized users only) to make real time adjustments to a transaction if required.
  • Gain immediate visibility to the transaction though ledger activity reports.
  • Any changes are reflected immediately in the report. There is no need to record separate adjustment transactions.
  • The Plex Cloud also provides an audit trail of any changes to the transaction which includes the day and time of change, who made the change, and the change itself.
Comprehensive Reports and Tools

In Plex Cloud financial transactions generated from the inventory/production/fix assets processes are recorded to the general ledger in a batch posting. This can be done as often as daily or at a minimum of once a month.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud provides reports that allow the user to analyze the transactions by account and by date range prior to posting to the general ledger. These reports allow a user to look at source data and to determine if incorrect accounts or incorrect values are being recorded. The user has the ability to drill into any transaction on the report to identify and reconcile issues. If a correction is required relating to account or amount the user simply makes adjustments and reruns the report prior to posting to the general ledger.

Quickly analyze data and make the required corrections and or adjustments. By making this functionality available though out the course of the accounting period, the time involved for performing month end reconciliations and the month end closing can be significantly reduced.

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