Plex Systems ERP Software

Intelliplex Builder

business intelligence reporting

Build sophisticated reports, charts, dashboards and portals to share business intelligence.

Use IntelliPlex queries to freely combine external data with results from Plex Cloud tables, standard views and your own custom SQL procedures. Customize any VisionPlex screen and build new ones based on your own SQL procedures created in the integrated SQL development environment. Leverage a library of standard reports, automatic email features including scheduled automatic distribution of IntelliPlex reports, and a suite of communication tools including contact management, communication logs and bulletin boards designed to fully inform your production and office environments. Build strategic plans and link them to key measurables.

IntelliPlex “Builder” users can quickly and easily create reports, charts, and dashboards for use by IntelliPlex “Viewer” users, and without the need for assistance from an IT department.

  • IntelliPlex Builder

    • Create complex, dynamic and visually-impressive reports, charts, dashboards, key metrics, etc.
    • Create reports against near-real time Plex Cloud data as well as external data sources, data warehouses, cubes, etc.
    • Fully automate, schedule, store, and instantly distribute IntelliPlex reports and dashboards
    • “Burst” a single report into sections, each to be sent to a different recipient
    • A limited number of Builder user licenses (one at minimum) are provided. Additional licenses can be purchased