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Intelliplex Business Intelligence

The intelligence you need to make smarter business decisions.

This dynamic business intelligence (BI) tool gives users comprehensive reporting and analysis for better business decision-making. Every user authorized to access IntelliPlex is considered a “Viewer” user.

  • IntelliPlex

    • Access reports and dashboards created by “builder” users
    • Apply filters, change chart types and manipulate in many ways how the data is presented
    • Print and share reports in many formats, including HTML, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, Flex, and Active Technology There are unlimited “Viewer” users.

IntelliPlex: Business Intelligence Built for Manufacturing

Introducing IntelliPlex, the powerful business intelligence tool that’s built into the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. IntelliPlex simplifies big data by getting the important things right.

IntelliPlex Business Intelligence: Aberdeen Group

Read expert analysis about advanced Business Intelligence capabilities. See the powerful advantages offered by embedded reporting, intuitive dashboards and real-time metrics.