Plex Systems ERP Software


Take control of your ERP system with the Foundation modules.

Manage user access and security, define and organize the system menu, tailor data categorization and system behavior (including user-specific languages and company-specific terminology) to your specific needs and processes.

Streamline communication within your organization using a comprehensive suite of tools and features including sophisticated workflows and SmartPlex Mobile Access.

Use the document control and universal attachment systems to store, share and collaborate on any type of electronic file. Flexibly link documents to multiple records to eliminate duplication and ensure a “single source of truth” for all your processes, procedures and reference information.

Get assistance and drive improvements to the Plex Manufacturing Cloud software via the support request system. Leverage the user forum to gain and share advice with the worldwide community of Plex Cloud users.


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Get the Plex Manufacturing Cloud on Your Device

SmartPlex provides mobile access anywhere, anytime, and makes critical business decision-making easier and faster.

ERP as a Living System

When it comes to system upgrades, we do all the heavy lifting. Community-driven system upgrades are done without the user having to lift a finger. Read more.

A SaaS Primer

Manufacturers do better in the cloud. See how the SaaS or cloud model works for you. Avoid costly hardware, licenses and complex version upgrades.