Plex Systems ERP Software


Take control to get the most out of your system – and your business.

The Foundation module helps you take complete control over your system. Manage users’ rights and access privileges, security roles and granular security permissions.

Define your own menu structure, use system settings and setup tables to control data categorization and system behavior, and apply user-specific languages and company-specific terminology to customize your system.

Take advantage of numerous communication and collaboration features such as a checklist system, team setup and activity manager. Get free help and advice from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud user forum, and communicate directly with Plex Systems service and development personnel via the user support system.

  • Activity/Task Manager

    Use this task management system, which is highly integrated into many other Plex Cloud modules, to coordinate and track company and individual activities.
  • Area List

    Set up management and business areas within an organization.
  • Automatic Email Notification

    Configure the system to automatically notify specified users when certain events occur.
  • Broadcast Email

    Send emails to varied and large groups of recipients.
  • Building List

    • Create and maintain a master list of buildings
    • Maintain all supplier-related building data and associations of buildings with users
  • Bulletin Board

    • Display general-purpose notifications to advise users of updates, changes and events
    • Upload documents for review and notification
    • Display bulletins to employees as well as external users via customer and supplier portals
  • Checklist System

    • Define, execute and continuously improve checklists (sets of discrete tasks which need to be done to prepare for or complete a project).
    • Examples of checklist purposes include advanced product quality planning (APQP), team feasibility and even non-production-related business processes
    • Assign checklist item descriptions, responsible personnel and departments, due dates and other tracking attributes
    • Review checklist status and progress by viewing checklist items on which responsible users have updated the status; marked complete, incomplete or not applicable; entered notes or added attachments
    • The system can send reminder emails to users and if appropriate, their supervisors when assigned checklist items have not been completed by their due dates
    • Optionally require electronic sign-offs for checklist sections
  • Communication Log

    Maintain a historical log of communication with all contacts, customers, suppliers, etc.
  • Contact Management

    • Create a shared electronic corporate directory of company contacts including customers and suppliers
    • Access contact information including phone, fax and email addresses directly from other modules such as customer and supplier details, purchase orders, etc.
  • Corporate Structure

    Identify groups, divisions, and other company organizational structures to create a visual, logo-driven display of the corporate structure, which can then act as the portal to each of the separate Plex Manufacturing Cloud systems used throughout the enterprise.
  • Currency

    General currency-related functionality.

  • Email

    Verify and inspect senders, recipients and content of automatically logged outgoing emails.

  • Favorites Manager

    • Choose screens and menus to place in your personal Favorites list, allowing one-click navigation to your most commonly visited modules from anywhere in the menu structure
    • Navigate easily to the menu systems of sister companies in an enterprise of multiple Plex Manufacturing Cloud subscribed companies
    • If authorized, directly access system setup and configuration functionality
    • If authorized, access VisionPlex design controls
  • Forum

    • Subscribe to any number of specialized forums to receive news on system enhancements, events, training opportunities, etc.
    • Get expert help from Plex Manufacturing Cloud developers, implementers, users and partners
    • Network with Plex Manufacturing Cloud users and participate in regional Plex Manufacturing Cloud User Groups
  • General Localization

    General capabilities related to localizations.

  • Glossary

    • Customize the terminology displayed on user interfaces throughout the system
    • Also used to provide multiple language support
  • Hours Tracking

    Track internal labor hours and costs for professional services organizations.
  • Integrated Faxing

    • Transmit high-quality fax documents directly from on-screen reports
    • Confirm if the fax was successful via automatic email, or by viewing the log which reports all faxes and their transmission success or failure
  • IP Address Control

    • Specifies IP addresses and network subnets from which Plex Manufacturing Cloud logins are allowed
    • An override allows designated users to log in from any location
  • Meeting Minutes

    Maintain a searchable history of meetings, meeting minutes, and attached documents

  • Message

    • Draft, preview and schedule special pop-up messages using a rich text editor and embedded images
    • Specify messages to pop-up after login for general announcements
    • Optionally restrict pop-ups to specific screens or selected users, groups or roles, including customers and suppliers accessing the system via portals
    • Optionally require and track user acknowledgement
  • Multiple Languages

    • Control which languages are displayed on user interfaces
    • Using data-driven glossarization functionality, provide and customize lexicons for any and all languages used by your workforce, including those which use double-byte character sets
    • Set the default language for each company in your enterprise and for each individual user
    • Switch to alternate language displays on-the-fly
    • Specific language data sets are purchased separately
  • My Profile

    • Users can maintain their own personal data such as name, email address, phone numbers
    • Especially useful in organizations with a distributed, mobile or frequently-redeployed workforce
  • Permission Manager

    • The Permission Manager is the foundation of the security system
    • Gain highly granular access control at the menu, record, and field level.
  • Reminders

    Set up automatic one-time or recurring email reminders.

  • Security Roles

    Easily manage large sets of security permissions based on combinations of user responsibility, authority, position and training.

  • Setup Tables

    • Custom-define attributes such as type, status, and classification that appear in drop-down and picker lists throughout the system
    • Set flags such as “Active” or “Allow Order” on setup data records to directly control system behavior related to data conditions
  • Standard Agreement Text

    Custom define large passages of rich text used in various places in the system, for example legal text “boilerplates” on shipping documents and quotes.
  • Submenu

    The submenu screen that is used for various modules, such as User Manager, Part List, Customer List, etc.
  • Team/Group Setup

    • Define a team or group which can be easily selected for assignment in workflows, checklists, and email notifications
    • Groups can be individually configured to allow users to add or remove themselves, or to reserve membership control for the group’s leader or champion
  • Units

    Manage units of measure used throughout the system.
  • User Manager

    • Add, modify and de-activate users
    • Users may be not only employees but also suppliers and customers
    • Tightly integrated to the employee list, permissions and security roles
  • User Support

    • Record, store, prioritize, track, and collaborate on user support requests (USRs)
    • Launch a support request with one click from any screen
    • Configure default responsibilities for responding to support requests; system administrators triage requests for those which should be addressed internally vs. escalated to Plex Systems responsibility
    • Support requests for mission-critical system issues automatically alert all Plex Manufacturing Cloud support personnel to ensure rapid response
    • Track status, progress, responsibility assignment, etc. of requests using the highly configurable support management interface
    • Use support requests to request, define and document system enhancements
  • Visitor Log

    • Track visitors coming in and out of the building
    • Display an interactive visitor kiosk in your lobby to register visitors
    • Maintain visitor log data including optional proof of identification for security and recordkeeping