Plex Systems ERP Software


We all do business a little differently. That’s why we let you decide how your system will look and function.

Create new screens, reports and data downloads to augment the standard Plex Cloud screens and reports to meet your specific business needs. Leverage data sources created through the SQL Development Environment. Pull in data from other external application and present them to the user within their Plex Cloud menu environment.  No formal programming experience is required. VisionPlex will automatically handle local dates, times, currencies and more.

  • VisionPlex

    • Customize the appearance and functionality of standard VisionPlex screens and reports
    • Create entirely new proprietary dashboards, screens, reports and data downloads based on existing or custom SQL data sources
    • No formal programming experience is required
    • Create custom navigation links from VisionPlex interfaces to other screens, including standard “classic” (.ASP) screens and forms
    • VisionPlex automatically handles local dates, times, currencies, etc.