Plex Systems ERP Software

Web Application Accelerator Service

No high-bandwidth internet? No problem.

The web application accelerator improves your system response time at facilities where high-bandwidth internet access may be unavailable or unreliable.

  • Web Application Accelerator Service

    Reduce latency and improve user satisfaction for users at very remote locations with high Internet latency, such as China.

    • Plex has partnered with Akamai Solutions to provide a special access that can be used from distant locations via the Global Akamai infrastructure with Akamai Dynamic Site Accelerators.
    • The Akamai network is also able to route around slowdowns and outages on the Internet in order to ensure a quicker path to the Plex Manufacturing Cloud datacenter. The end result is faster screen updates and happier users. Plex has seen increases in performance, as much as 30%, when using this system.