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Inventory Management

inventory management software

You’ve got a lot of stuff to keep track of. We can help with that.

You’ve got a pretty big inventory — raw materials, work in process, finished goods. It’s worth a lot of money. Do you know where it all is? You do if you’ve got the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

With the Plex Manufacturing Cloud inventory management you’ve got:

  • Unsurpassed real-time visibility and control of materials and products
  • Extremely detailed and automatically-captured tracking and traceability data linked directly to raw material, production and quality records
  • Dramatically improved cycle count speed and accuracy
  • Management of customer- and supplier-consigned inventory

You’ve also got a shipping system with built-in and fully automatic EDI. A shipping interface that provides a wealth of information at a glance, including color-coded indicators for conditions such as:

  • Shipping date proximity
  • Inventory availability
  • Completeness of shipment preparation


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