Plex Systems ERP Software


bar coding software

Get organized – and stay that way – with a barcoding system.

Use barcoded labels to identify all raw materials, work in process inventory, finished goods, supplies, tools and anything else you want to keep track of. Select from a library of thousands of barcode labels designed for specific destinations, or create new formats using the label designer application.

  • Barcoding

    Fully-integrated barcode printing and reading capability supporting areas including:

    • Inventory
    • Gage control
    • Time and attendance
    • Locations
    • User login badges
  • Shipping Labels

    • Build a custom library of barcoded label formats by selecting from hundreds of existing designs
    • Associate specific label formats with customers, customer addresses or specific products
    • When packing for shipment, sophisticated logic automatically determines the correct label format based on product and destination