Plex Systems ERP Software

Pacejet Data Connector

Tired of dealing with multiple quotes and freight tracking? Plex integrates automated quotes and tracking to save you the hassle.

The high number of shipments, quotes, and freight schedules can make any manufacturer’s head spin. Thankfully, the Pacejet Data Connector in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud can handle all of this with ease. This component integrates all your freight quotes, tracking numbers, shipments and more so you can better run your plant floor.

  • Pacejet Data

    Integrate with Pacejet cloud shipping software for freight quotes and freight tracking number retrieval.

    • Request a freight rate quote at sales order entry and populate Plex Cloud ERP with results
    • Complete a shipment on a loaded shipper, commit shipment in Pacejet and Pacejet returns tracking information and ZPL label code to the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. Carrier labels can be printed from the shipper record in Plex Cloud ERP.
    • A mobile pick & ship application is available to support automated freight quoting and tracking for high volume shipping situations.