Plex Systems ERP Software

Engineering (Items – BOMS – Routings)

Everything you need to ensure that you have the right parts and processes to make quality products.

Create and maintain a master list of products and purchased materials, including all associated data such as process routings, bills of materials and multi-out production configurations.

Define material properties and specifications. Manage Engineering Changes Requests (ECRs).

  • Bill of Materials

    • Define the materials, components and ingredients of each product
    • Specify component or consumption quantities in native units of measure
    • Nest infinite build levels and unlimited numbers of components
    •  Display bills of material via indented, exploded, drill-down and other views
  • Engineering Change Request

    • Submit engineering change requests (ECRs) to engineering
    • Track ECRs using custom workflows, organize and control drawings, and maintain on-going documentation of the change
  • Heats and Chemistries

    • Set up a specialized version of the standard receiving system, optimized for metallic raw materials
    • Receive material that has been defined with the material specification system
    • Validate the chemistry and physical characteristics of incoming materials against engineering specifications
    • Create inventory records and barcoded labels for each inventory unit being received
  • Manufacturer Part

    • Link multiple manufacturer parts to a single internal part to satisfy various job requirements where different manufacturer parts are requested for use.
  • Manufacturing Masters

    • This module is used to tie together and manage a long manufacturing process that involves a complex interconnection of parts, routings, BOM and Multi-outs. For example, this will schedule the component parts of an assembly.
  • Material Templates

    • Define detailed chemical and physical specifications for materials such as steel, aluminum and other metals
    • Create user-definable specification templates
    • Link multiple materials to a product or item, and multiple products or items to a material
  • Multi-Out Production

    • Identify and control manufacturing processes where multiple different items are produced from a single operation
    • Use the die cavity status feature to flexibly control variable combinations of output items
  • Part List

    • One of the most fundamental and important modules in the system, the Part List links to virtually every other significant area of the system.
    • Create and maintain a master list of products and purchased materials, including all associated data such as part or item number, revision level, name, description, status, numerous optional categorizations and literally dozens of other attributes
    • Store digital images of the item which can be displayed throughout the system
    • Using the “sub-menu,” quickly navigate to other areas of the system to access the item’s process routing, specifications, quality history, inventory, customer orders, shipment history, etc.
  • Process Routings

    • Create a routing to define the sequence of operations required to manufacture or process a given product
    • Store operation number, operation name, approved workcenters and suppliers, crew size, weight, container type, and other key routing data