Plex Systems ERP Software

Plant and Equipment Maintenance

Maintain your plant and equipment so they run like a well-oiled machine.

Manage plant equipment and spare parts while developing and executing your own maintenance schedules with this module from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. High-level tracking of maintenance labor ensures your resources are used without wasting time.

  • Equipment Bill of Materials

    • Create and maintain lists of spare parts associated with specific pieces or types of equipment.
  • Equipment Log

    • Maintain a detailed history of all maintenance performed on equipment.
  • Maintenance Labor Tracking

    • Track maintenance labor in real time against work requests with the same time and attendance features used for production labor tracking.
  • Master Equipment List

    • Create and maintain a master list of all equipment in the facility, including both production and non-production equipment, such as workcenter machines, lift trucks, automobiles and facility infrastructure
    •  Store key data about each piece of equipment, such as type, capacity, service date, and a digital image
  • Preventive Maintenance

    • Set up various user-defined preventive maintenance (PM) checklists and link them to individual pieces of equipment
    • Receive system reports and email notifications to make sure that the required PM is completed
    • Create and maintain a detailed maintenance log with file attachments, such as equipment manuals, drawings, and certifications
  • Spare Parts Tracking

    • Track inventory and usage of equipment spare parts.
  • Work Requests

    • Manage the entry, assignment, prioritization, coordination and tracking of requests for equipment maintenance and repair.