Plex Systems ERP Software

Tool Manufacturing

Make effective tools with precision and confidence, and you’ll have happy customers.

When you’re the manufacturer of tools, your customers rely on you to provide high-quality products that arrive on time and perform flawlessly. With Tool Manufacturing capabilities from Plex, you can begin the process through attribute planning, ship the finished products and everything in between.

  • Tool Control Plans

    • Associate tool drawing attributes with tool manufacturing processes
    • Flag specific attributes as “required” for the various tool job types: new, rework, and revision change
  • Tool Inspection Checksheets

    • Collect and store actual tool measurements required by the tool control plan
    • Allow external tooling suppliers to log in and directly record tool measurements. This dramatically increases supplier accountability.
  • Tool Manufacturing

    • Toolmakers use the tooling system’s touch-screen optimized operator control panel to see the list of tools at a given operation and clock in and out of the jobs they work, thus capturing detailed, real-time labor tracking data.
    • Display the list of all open tool manufacturing jobs, prioritize existing jobs and create new ones
    • When tools complete the last step of the process routing (usually an inspection), they become eligible to be moved to a press
    • If a tool revision changes during production, that tool job is automatically placed on hold.
    • View all active tool projects by customer and due date and see detailed reports of tools, tool statuses, and tool locations by customer and customer part number
  • Tool Mfg – Subcontracting

    • Use with tool manufacturing to plan and track outside processing of tool manufacturing operations such as heat treating and plating
    • Print tool shipment documents and execute shipment of tool inventory
    • Receive tool inventory from processors when complete
    • Generate automatic tooling work order updates when tools are received
    • Generate automatic PO and receipt creation using specialized blanket-order pricing based on supplier, surface area, weight, and/or cost per tool