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Quality Management

There’s nothing more challenging – or more important – than ensuring the quality of your products. In today’s manufacturing environment, poor quality will destroy a reputation.

Good quality is the price of entry. But its superior quality built directly into your products and processes that reduces costs, gives you the edge over your competition, wins new customers and secures your current ones.

Use the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to develop sophisticated electronic control plans to display process instructions and product details to the production operators and quality technicians on the plant floor.

Quality data gathered and entered into electronic checksheets in real time is linked directly to production and inventory records, which enables faster and more effective recall prevention, containment of suspect product and resolution of quality issues.

Achieve and retain certification to quality standards important in your industry by providing auditors instant access to proof of compliance. The proven, best-in-class Quality Management System from Plex lets you do all that and more.



  • Food and Beverage

    Effectively managing the quality of ingredients, Work in Progress and Finished Goods is critical. Plex provides powerful tools to help in this effort, including: automatic identification of products that need inspection, real-time status of products that are in Quality Control hold or failed inspection, corrective action for failed inspections, and more comprehensive quality features.
    • Quality Management is integrated throughout the system; not an add-on or stand-alone module.
    • Integration capabilities to LIMS systems, PLC’s, etc., to pull real-time data
    • Gain visibility into quarantined lots ensuring they are not used, shipped or can be easily recalled

  • Manufacturing

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