Plex Systems ERP Software

Multi-Company Functions

Seamlessly integrate your operations with other Plex subscribers, especially for continuity of container traceability and automatic release creation.

Now you can maintain complete visibility with other Plex subscribers for higher efficiency and greater accuracy. This module connects everyone for greater proficiency.

  • Cross Company Integration

    • Seamlessly integrate your operations with other Plex subscribers
    • Issue purchase orders which automatically create corresponding sales orders and releases in your Plex-subscribed supplier’s system; or have your customer’s P.O.s create sales orders in your system
    • Ship product to your customer that is already labeled and identified in their inventory as in-transit and ready for receipt finalization; or be that customer of your Plex-subscribed supplier
    • Take advantage of Plex inventory traceability not only from your point of receipt, but through the entire manufacturing process used by your supplier