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Customer Relationship Management

Cloud ERP for Collaborative Customer Relationships

CRM manufacturing software
Customer Relationship Management in the Plex Cloud is based on the powerful but simple concept of collaboration.

With the ability to check the status of pending orders, payments and more, customers become part of the manufacturing process. And when customers are involved, they’re engaged in an active working relationship with you. Amazing things happen when you work with your customers instead of merely for them. Collaboration is a mutually successful relationship that transcends satisfaction. It delights.

That’s why Plex Cloud provides a complete manufacturing CRM software suite tools for managing the total sales process — from powerful quote tracking and order entry modules to release accounting and shipment tracking. Manufacturers improve the complete order and sales process with a comprehensive cloud CRM software with features to establish strategies, manage day-to-day communication and organize the sales/service effort — so you can focus on exactly what it’s called, customer relationships.

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