Plex Systems ERP Software

Business Continuity

Setting High Standards in the Cloud

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud delivers a powerful combination of functionality, flexibility, accessibility and security.



Plex is audited twice a year by an outside security firm to ensure that it complies with all SSAE 16 Type 2 requirements. Plex Systems has received a SOC 1 report and a SOC 2 report is in progress.

Data Vault

All Plex data is stored in a secure Data Vault with solid concrete and steel walls. The Data Vault protects your data from natural disasters, theft, and other threats.


The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is protected by multiple layers of system and physical security, including highly-secure firewalls, detection and tracking systems, surveillance cameras, and biometric entrance control. Plex Systems maintains a professional security staff dedicated to protecting your data.


The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is hosted on over 50 highly-reliable, high-performance Hewlett Packard Servers. Each set of servers performs a specific function. Servers include mirrored hard drives, redundant processors, error-correcting RAM, redundant power supplies, automatic temperature and fault monitoring, and many other advanced capabilities.


The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is based on a fully integrated relational database using Microsoft SQL Server running on Windows Advanced Server.

Data Storage

All data is stored on our advanced Storage Area Network (SAN), which includes RAID 5 and RAID 10 data protection, plus hot spare hard drives and full online redundancy of every component. Servers are attached to the SAN through our fiber optic mesh.


Users connect to Plex Systems through private T1 circuits or through one of our multiple Internet pipes: Verizon, Sprint, and Cogent.

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Plex Systems Infrastructure: The Cloud Advantage

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