Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving back to the community is part of who we are.


Supporting Our Community

Plex believes in giving back to the community through support of local, national and international organizations that strive to improve the lives and wellbeing of others. Through corporate donations, fund-raising events, matching contributions and support of our employees’ volunteer efforts, we at Plex seek to share the fruits of our success with those needing a helping hand.

A Heritage of Giving

Our philosophy of giving back to the communities in which we live and work is woven deeply into the fabric of our company culture. From day one, Plex employees have made it a priority to not only provide quality services to our customers but also to support others in need.

We feel that giving back shouldn't just be a one-time gesture; it should be a continuous partnership that grows over time. We established the Plex Giving program to do just that — to rally our employees around a specific cause or community organization. In 2017, Plex donated to mikeroweWORKS, American Red Cross, Capuchin Soup Kitchen, and many others. 

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