Plex Impact Awards

2017 Plex Impact Awards

Our nomination window for the 2017 Plex Impact Awards is now closed. Winners will be announced at PowerPlex, May 8-11 in Atlanta.


Award Categories

Launched in 2014, the Plex Impact Awards showcase the passion, innovation and success of our customers.

Business Operations Transformer

A company that uses Plex to achieve a dramatic change in how you do business. If your company improved your plant floor production process, reduced manufacturing costs, expanded to support a global market, increased communication with suppliers and/or customers, or achieved excellence in another area of the manufacturing process, your company is a TRANSFORMER.

Product and/or Technology Innovator

A company that uses Plex to drive innovation within or beyond your industry. If your company is delivering new products, leveraging new devices/technology to improve your manufacturing process, or finding new ways to manage your business with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, your company is an INNOVATOR.


Recipients of the 2017 Plex Impact Awards will be recognized at this year’s PowerPlex user conference in Atlanta!

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