Plex Experience Lab

Visit the Plex Experience Lab to connect with Plex product experts and support leaders through hands-on, experiential demos. The lab is an extension of the learning experience at PowerPlex and allows you to drill into new product developments and revisit existing functionality that you may not be fully leveraging today. The lab is open during all conference hours and it’s a great opportunity to chat one on one with Plex product team members. There’s always something to learn and see in the lab.


Top Floor (Business Management)

  • Plex UX
  • Enterprise Financials & Supply Chain
  • Human Capital Management

Shop Floor

  • Wearables
  • Mobility
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Advanced Planning & (Finite) Scheduling

Plex Insight

  • IntelliPlex
  • Analytics Platform
  • VisionPlex

Plex Connect

  • Integration
  • REST
  • EDI
  • Partner Connectors
  • Developers Portal