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Plex Systems Delivers Flexible Manufacturing Execution Suite (MES) | Plex
Plex Manufacturing Execution Suite (Plex MES) is a flexible cloud-based suite comprised of packages that satisfy the spectrum of smart manufacturing needs from MES to manufacturing operations management (MOM).
Plex Systems Expands Leadership Team with Brad Hafer as Group Vice President of Corporate Development and Cathy Pitt as Chief Security Officer
Plex Systems expands with two key executive appointments: Brad Hafer as its global vice president of corporate development and Cathy Pitt as its chief security officer.
Plex Systems Recognized as a Challenger in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Manufacturing Execution Systems
Plex Systems' robust MES has been recognized by the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) report as a Challenger.
Automation Alley: Stop! You don’t need an Industry 4.0 strategy
Jerry Foster, CTO of Plex Systems, shares important tips for manufacturers considering Industry 4.0 technologies.
MentorWorks: How to Leverage Training for a Successful ERP Implementation
Natasa Koledin, Vice President, Education at Plex Systems, discusses the key reasons why good training is essential for a successful ERP implementation.
Plex Systems to Define Pathway to Smart Manufacturing at Global Industry 4.0 Conference
Plex Systems announced Plex leadership will join a panel session focused on digital factories and the Advanced Manufacturing Hub roundtables at Industry 4.0 conference Integr8.
SME: Contextualized insights gained from data save precious time, material
Anurag Garg, VP and Head of Analytics & IoT at Plex, talks about new resources manufacturers can leverage to measure success and efficiency—through responsive and optimized metrics from a single data source.
Manufacturing Engineering: Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES): The Missing Link
Plex’s Mike Hart talks about the value of MES and how modern offerings are becoming even more critical to manufacturers, serving as the missing link that makes processes error-proof.
Advice for the pragmatic manufacturer in a world of IIoT hype
Anurag Garg, Plex Vice President of Product, Analytics & IoT, gives advice for manufacturers on their everyday concerns.
Plex Systems Named a Best Place to Work for 11th Consecutive Year
This recognition marks 11 years of consecutive awards Plex has received from the Michigan Business and Professional Association which identifies companies that lead the region in creating a workplace that enables innovation and excellence.
TechTarget: Cloud repatriation is a symptom of a wider cloud storage trend
TechTarget talks with Plex Systems about public and private clouds, and what this means for companies who manage vast amounts of data.
TT Electronics: 11 Industrial IoT Experts Weigh In on the Opportunity to Transform the Industry
Plex’s IoT and analytics leader Anurag Garg talks about the most disruptive element of Industrial IoT, and what that means for the future of manufacturing and the way we work with data.
Diginomica: Manufacturers - this is how to escape the perils of pilot purgatory
Pilot purgatory can stop new projects like Industrial IoT initiatives from successfully transitioning from proven pilot to company-wide adoption. Plex’s IoT and analytics leader Anurag Garg identifies the four ways manufacturers can combat this for long-term success when both planning and executing IIoT programs.
LiveWorx Digital Transformation & Technology Blog: Industrial IoT for Small Manufacturers
Industrial IoT isn’t just for the world’s largest manufacturers. This blog post identifies how small and mid-size manufacturers can take steps to ensure they benefit from greater industrial connectivity without having to suffer from sweeping, disruptive initiatives.
MITechNews: Manufacturers, Don’t Let Tech Projects Languish in Pilot Purgatory
The greatest threat to new technology initiatives is what happens after the pilot period – or moving a project from an isolated application to widespread adoption. In this story, Plex’s IoT and analytics leader Anurag Garg helps companies understand the common challenges associated with this step, and how to avoid the plague of pilot purgatory.
TechTarget: NVMe arrays power Plex ERP cloud
Techtarget talks with Plex Systems about our private cloud, which can host hundreds of petabytes while meeting high thresholds for performance and availability.
Plex ML project - something every software vendor/systems integrator could emulate
CTO Jerry Foster shares how Plex is using Machine Learning technology to strategically evaluate and optimize customer implementations.
Plex ML project - something every software vendor/systems integrator could emulate
Analyst Vinnie Mirchandani sits down with Plex CTO, Jerry Foster, to discuss machine learning and its role in Plex.
Plex Systems: Connect to Transform
Following PowerPlex 2019, industry analyst Cindy Jutras shares her perspective on Plex's investment in technology, including Industrial IoT, Platform & Architecture and Machine Learning.
PowerPlex 2019 Debrief: Manufacturing Focus as Operational Words
Post-PowerPlex 2019, Plex CEO Bill Berutti and CMO Robin Saitz share insights on the future of Plex, manufacturing, and IIoT.