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Software & Information Security Association: Vision From The Top 2013: Jason Blessing, Plex Systems
2012 saw the widespread acceptance of cloud computing, including the validation of the model by some of the largest software companies in the world. This acceptance comes as cloud pioneers continue to demonstrate that the cloud can exceed the highest standards around security, business continuity, and application functionality.
Cloudtweaks: What’s Coming Next In The Cloud
Jim Shepherd, Plex Systems, discusses the advantages of cloud computing and what's yet to come. 10 Ways Cloud Computing Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing
Learn more about the 10 ways cloud computing is revolutionizing manufacturing.
Manufacturing Engineering Magazine: ERP Software Paces Cloud Adoption
To stay competitive, manufacturers need to move quickly to the latest cloud-based SaaS ERP technology to get the best advantage of moving to the new technology, said Patrick Fetterman, vice president of marketing, Plex Systems, developer of the manufacturing-centric SaaS ERP system Plex Online. How Clouds Can Dominate Sunny Florida
Infor has a few new cloud initiatives with big ramifications for manufacturers, including a partnership with IBM and a new big data solution called Sky Vault.
ModelD: Special Edition: Growing Metro Detroit's Aerospace And Defense Sector
GraviKor is one of those startups that can fit in a number of different classifications. Its welding and space-frame technologies are light enough that they could be considered a green business. It's technology is meant for vehicles so it could be pigeonholed as automotive.
Automotive Design
Learn more about the Plex Manufacturing Cloud's IntelliPlex. IntelliPlex is in the cloud and accessible from desktops, tablets, or mobile devices through any Internet browser.
CloudTweaks: Cloud Infographic: The Facts of Cloud ERP
Plex Systems, leader in cloud-based ERP for manufacturers, shares an infographic of SaaS/Cloud ERP Customer Satisfaction vs. On-Premise ERP.
Food Manufacturing Magazine: Q
The food industry is constantly evolving, and increasing food safety regulations and new technologies seem to be generating change at a faster pace than ever before. Food Manufacturing spoke with Jonathan Cowan and Tom Nessen of Plex Systems to discuss the newest safety legislation, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), and how food manufacturers can take advantage of new technologies to increase food safety and comply with the new regulations.
TEC Blog: Cloud ERP Users Are Happier, Study Purports
Plex Systems, provider of Plex Online, a cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) offering for manufacturers, recently announced the results of the survey entitled “2012 ERP Study: Implementation and Usage Trends for SaaS/Cloud vs. Traditional Systems.”
TEC Blog: Plex Systems Replaces Seven Silo Applications At CCI
Read more about how Plex Systems, the leader in cloud-based ERP for manufacturers, is replacing Seven Silo applications at Clips and Clamps Industries (CCI).
Automation World: Cloud-based ERP's Potential Impact on Automation
A new survey points to increasing interest among manufacturers for cloud-based ERP systems.
Material Handling
See the results of a Manufacturing Performance Institute (MPI) survey, on behalf of Plex Systems, assessing various aspects of ERP implementation from more than 200 manufacturing leaders in North America.
Autoline: Purchasing in the Cloud
Autoline discusses the advantages of Plex Online's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.
MIBiz: Build, Buy or Customize? Manufacturers Take Differing Approaches To ERP
Four years ago, Holland-based Fogg Filler Co. needed a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system because the system it had custom-built in the 1980s was no longer efficient. The company wanted a new system to improve engineering efficiency and to offer a unified platform for enhanced visibility across the company, said Todd Kemme, engineering manager at Fogg Filler, which designs and manufactures rotary filling systems for the liquids industry.
ChainLink Research: SaaS ERP Security Concerns
Learn more about SaaS ERP security concerns and how Jason Blessing, CEO at Plex Systems Inc., developer of cloud ERP, noted that protecting and maintaining the integrity of proprietary data is a critical consideration for manufacturers.
FFJournal: All Together Now
An order for 100,000 pieces is considered small at Jagemann Stamping. The Manitowoc, Wis.-based company processes 100 to 150 orders per week, many consisting of fluid transfer components deep drawn on transfer presses for the automotive industry.
Crain's Detroit Business: Playing The Strong Suit- Plex Deal Combines Manufacturing, Finance and Technology
Discover how Plex Systems, the leader in cloud-based ERP solutions for manufacturing, combines manufacturing, finance and technology in their software.
CRN: Top 20 "Coolest Cloud Software Vendors of 2013"
CRN highlights Plex Systems as one of the coolest cloud software vendors of 2013. Plex focuses on cloud services for the manufacturing sector with Plex Online, a cloud ERP offering.
Metromode: Business Insider digs Plex Systems' pinball arcade
Michigan-based Plex recently lured Jason Blessing to be its new CEO. Blessing is a former PeopleSoft and Taleo exec who escaped the clutches of Oracle, twice, when each of his employers was acquired.