ChainLink Research: SaaS ERP Security Concerns

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ChainLink Research: SaaS ERP Security Concerns

Learn more about SaaS ERP security concerns and how Jason Blessing, CEO at Plex Systems Inc., developer of cloud ERP, noted that protecting and maintaining the integrity of proprietary data is a critical consideration for manufacturers.

Mar 27, 2013

Security and data protection have always been a concern with SaaS and, if anything, those worries intensify as more business-critical apps head for the cloud. That's certainly the case for manufacturing companies replacing their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Panorama Consulting Solutions’ 2013 ERP Report found that the majority of the 172 companies it surveyed -- 61 percent -- have implemented or are in the process of deploying on-premises ERP. The company reported that 26 percent of the respondents selected SaaS and cloud ERP...