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Plex Partners share our extraordinary commitment to customer service, and you can rely on them to help you get full value from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

Partnering with Plex

Organizations of all sizes are looking for high-performance and cost-effective solutions to make their businesses stronger.  Plex and its partners are helping manufacturing companies meet today’s requirements for success by helping them transform the way they do business.  Learn more about our industry-leading partners and partner program today!

Services Partners

Services  Partners provide specialized Plex Manufacturing Cloud Services and management consulting services to help clients maximize the value of their Plex solution.

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Advisory Partners

Firms who advise manufacturing companies on technology decisions.

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Referral Partners

Firms who share a common market focus with Plex and refer firms who may be interested in a Plex solution.

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Become a Partner

We are actively seeking additional partners who share our passion for solving business problems for manufacturing clients through cloud technology. To learn more about Plex and our partner program, click on the link below to provide additional information.  For general questions, contact us at

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Why should you choose Plex?

Discover more about the cloud ERP benefits Plex offers.