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Plex Services Partners provide specialized Plex Manufacturing Cloud services and management consulting services to help you maximize the value of your Plex solution.

Plex Services Partners are experts with extensive experience and deep expertise in both the Plex Manufacturing Cloud solution and how the solution best works within your industry. Our Services Partners are well trained on our products, our tools, and our methodologies to drive quick and cost-effective implementations. Service partners are also key contributors to long-term success by helping Plex users discover and fully utilize Plex system functionality.

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Featured Partners

Baker Tilly


Baker Tilly



Cumulus Consulting

Plante Moran


Plante Moran



Revolution Group

Calsoft Systems

Since 1994, Calsoft Systems has been providing ERP solutions and custom business application for hundreds of clients, ranging from local businesses to some of the world’s most prestigious multinationals. With offices throughout North America and Asia, our mission is to maximize our clients’ business performance by understanding their needs and applying our in-depth expertise in Plex Cloud Manufacturing solution.


Centerpiece Consulting

Centerpiece Consulting was founded by Molly Hunting to pass along her previous industry experience with Plex and lean manufacturing principles to the Plex community. While on the management team of a large private sector corporation, Hunting led a team to create an environment leveraging cloud-based and on premise I.T. solutions to support nearly 30 locations around the world, including the US, Mexico, Europe, China and Thailand. She was a founding member of the Plex Customer Advisory Board and is a seasoned expert with the Plex solution from both a technical and a business standpoint. The practice offers project management, site optimization, module implementation and report writing services aimed at helping clients get the most benefit out of their ERP investment.

Control+M Solutions

Control+M Solutions is your one stop shop for assistance with Plex.  Our industry experienced project managers have an average of over 6 years working with Plex.  We focus only on Plex and related add-ons, to bring you the greatest depth of knowledge available.   Our offices located in WI, IL, TN, KY, FL, CO and MN give us the ability to respond immediately to any Plex concerns you may have.  We have successfully served clients all over the US as well as Canada, Mexico and Brazil, in multiple industries with a wide range of configurations.  We focus our efforts on complete or single module implementations as well as optimizations.  We pride ourselves on helping you get the most out of Plex and saying yes when others say no.   Have a question on Plex?  Give us a call.  Whatever your industry or location, we’ll pick up the phone and provide a helpful answer. Control+M Solutions, exceeding “Plexpectations” every day.


DKM Inc, serving global manufacturing companies in the western United States since 1991, is a “business first” consulting firm. We are focused on helping companies use leading cloud-based ERP solutions like Plex to apply best practices in order to achieve world class results. We have achieved client success in most manufacturing and distribution sub-segments. With technical and operations consultants available in the US and Asia, we can provide a global solution to your IT and operations needs to augment your Plex implementation.

Market Street Consulting

Mike Ward d/b/a Market Street Consulting provides management consulting services focused on Plex implementation, optimization and support. Mike has led single and multi-site implementation, optimization and support projects for manufacturing companies in heavy construction, automotive, metal fabrication, injection molding, medical device, rubber, small engine and blow molding products and components.


SCM Malagόn

SCM Malagόn is a consulting organization with over 40 years of experience in Manufacturing and ERP systems. Supporting large and medium sized automotive and industrial manufacturers, our team offers implementation services for the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. Working in conjunction with strategic Plex service partner, Revolution Group, on several implementations in Mexico since 2009. In addition, our team specializes in ERP Planning and Logistic Processes Improvement to help increase competitiveness and while achieving operational excellence for organizations. Our team leverages the Model Shingo Principles, APICS concepts and utilizes the BCS (Balance Score Card) Management Model.

Organización de Consultoría con más de 40 años de experiencia en Sistemas para la Manufactura y Ambiente ERP. Apoyamos a las empresas industriales, principalmente del sector automotriz, para que utilicen como herramienta estratégica las Tecnologías de Información y Comunicaciones. Ofrecemos servicios de implementación para el ERP “Plex Manufacturing Cloud” en empresas medianas y mayores. Somos aliados estratégicos de Revolution Group y con ellos implementamos en México el Sistema Plex, desde el año 2009. Contamos también con el servicio de Optimización de los Procesos ERP de Planeación y Logística para incrementar la Competitividad y Alcanzar la Excelencia Operacional de las empresas. Nuestros proyectos siempre buscan ofrecer un alto retorno de inversión. En nuestros servicios utilizamos como metodología los Principios del Modelo Shingo y los conceptos y modelos APICS, integrados por el Modelo de Gestión BSC (Balance Score Card).

Systems X

Systems X will assist your business transformation through technology solutions while supporting efficient and metric driven synchronization of financial, operational and sales performance. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in all horizontal organizational functions as well as managing information technology resources to leverage your Plex implementation in order to drive your performance improvements.
Systems X lo asistirá con la transformación de su empresa a través de soluciones tecnológicas que respaldan con su sincronización eficiente el desempeño financiero, operativo y de ventas. Nuestro equipo de profesionales cuenta con amplia experiencia en todas las funciones organizacionales horizontales, así como en la gestión de recursos de tecnología de la información para el aprovechamiento de su implementación de Plex.  


Digital solutions for Manufacturing, Logistics, Customer, Social, Procurement and People, supported by our Insights and Analytics team, to transform and drive change, helping companies to identify and act upon technology and market trends to effectively compete in a digital economy. As a Plex Partner, we focus on Execution and Operational systems that enable manufacturers to improve floor execution, create more business opportunities, deliver proactive data for production, quality and quick decision making. We invite you to learn more about Plex and our commitment to providing the best possible value.

TEC360 ofrece soluciones innovadoras en la nube para grandes y medianas empresas en México y Latinoamérica, habilitamos la Transformación Digital de la Empresa trabajando con las organizaciones para eficientar sus operaciones. Dentro de la Nube nuestro enfoque radica en soluciones digitales para; Manufactura, Logística, Consumidor, Social, Procurement y People, soportado por nuestro equipo de Insights y Analytics , para transformar y generar el cambio, habilitando a las empresas para identificar y actuar utilizando la tecnología y las tendencias de mercado de una manera efectiva en la Economía Digital.

Somos un Partner Plex enfocado en los sistemas de Ejecución y Operación que habilitan a los fabricantes a mejorar su Producción en Piso, generar mayores oportunidades de negocio, entregar datos útiles para la producción y asegurar la toma de decisión asertiva.


The Results Group

The Results Group (TRG) helps clients evaluate and implement PLEX with a focus on achieving rapid implementations and fast realization of ROI.  Over the last 20 years, TRG has helped more than 100 companies successfully conquer the most challenging and urgent opportunities in Product Development, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Customer Service.  We bring deep expertise in operations from several industries, allowing our teams to understand requirements and bring the right PLEX capabilities online quickly. TRG's unique approach gets to the heart of client needs quickly and delivers PLEX driven operational innovation up to ten times faster.  Our team brings a rare combination of PLEX expertise, functional experience, creativity, pragmatism, discipline and business judgment to create process excellence - along with the organizational savvy and interpersonal skills to manage change and implement quickly.

Whitehall Group

Whitehall Group serves companies that are focused on growth & transition. Our team provides a broad range of operational and financial improvement services including Plex Implementation, Process Optimization and Process & Systems Integration. Whitehall approaches every opportunity using an “Enterprise Operations Excellence” analytical framework founded on the principles of Lean Manufacturing and enhanced with Six Sigma concepts and techniques directed toward rapid improvement. 



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