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Baker Tilly

Baker Tilly

Baker Tilly is a professional services firm with a passion around modern cloud business solutions and assisting our clients in achieving their desired goals & objectives.  Our specialized Plex Manufacturing Cloud implementation practice offers comprehensive Plex Manufacturing Cloud implementation, business integration, and Plex optimization services.

At a Glance

40+ implementations and a combined 50+ years of integrated implementation experience, real-world manufacturing industry experience, and ERP implementation expertise.

Baker Tilly’s industry and functional expertise mirrors Plex’s strength in the automotive, metal fabrication, and food and beverage industries.

Clients include large, multi-national manufacturing organizations spanning the metal products and automotive industries across the nation and across the globe.

Deep experience in process improvement, global rollouts, multi-site accounting, and other complex business challenges.

Facing Today’s Challenges

Organizations today are facing an increasingly complex business landscape that’s changing at an accelerated pace. New technologies are emerging rapidly, the quantity of government regulations is growing, the face of competition is changing and the workforce is more dynamic and empowered than ever. Baker Tilly helps you face these challenges with expert advice.

Exceptional Business Results

Baker Tilly is an international professional services firm with a focus on Cloud software and enabling technologies. Our innovative process design and implementation approach, coupled with modern solutions like the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, drives exceptional business results for manufacturers in today’s more mobile, social, dynamic, and global business world. From standardized industry solution sets for rapid rollouts, to full transformational services, we can scale our services approach to fit your business needs.

International Coverage

As an independent member of Baker Tilly International, the world’s eighth largest network of accounting firms, we bring you access to market-specific knowledge in over 130 countries. You need a new way of assessing, implementing and optimizing your business to meet today’s challenges. Baker Tilly helps business leaders like you to navigate through the realities of competition in the new millennium. 

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