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Cumulus Consulting

Cumulus Consulting

Cumulus Consulting offers implementation, optimization, development and integration services. In addition to these traditional services, we assist our clients throughout the entire process including hardware, advisory, compliance, and any other critical services to make your new system successful.  Our unparalleled experience in manufacturing and ERP system integration enables manufacturing companies of all sizes and geographies to improve their efficiency and profitability.

At a Glance

Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, with remote offices across the Midwest.

Clients range from start-ups to multi-billion dollar publicly traded organizations with several hundred facilities globally. Client locations throughout the US, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Europe, UK and Asia.

Experience in all manufacturing verticals including Automotive, White Goods, Electronics, Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Discrete, Industrial Manufacturing and others. High volume and low volume / high mix as well as custom and ETO.

Plex Development Certified with the skills necessary to deliver standalone solutions, or integrate with nearly any other system.


Our team works diligently to ensure that every project, no matter how big or small, is successful by leveraging our unique experience in implementing Plex as a cloud based manufacturing solution. Cumulus is comprised of former Plex consultants and developers. We have deep knowledge of the product and its abilities, which enables us to enforce discipline in any environment.  Our entire team has direct manufacturing experience working in plants and running machines just like the ones our clients run. We know how to break down the walls between the front office and the shop floor to provide visibility and transparency; allowing our clients to run more efficient and profitable companies while reducing overhead costs associated with traditional on-premise applications.


We are problem solvers at heart.  We work closely with each client throughout the entire project to ensure that we are leveraging the most out of Plex in order to solve business problems that plague organizations. With our Plex Certified development practice we can automate processes, integrate with other systems or ERPs, as well as build custom reports and dashboards to meet the most demanding management expectations. The process of implementing any new system can be daunting and sometimes painful.  However, engaging Cumulus to implement Plex will yield efficient processes and results that enable our clients to realize a rapid ROI.

Life Cycle

No matter what stage of the lifecycle your company is currently at with regards to your ERP system, Cumulus is here to help.  We provide full implementations as well as phased implementations of any modules offered by Plex.  Many of our customers engaged Cumulus to analyze, enhance and refine their systems and business processes to become more efficient.  Every good system implementation should be followed up with continual improvement and optimization in order to keep your company running at peak performance.  We are the most experienced team available to help you with this process.

About Us

Cumulus is not the largest consulting firm – which provides us the flexibility, speed and cost effective structure to benefit our customers.  Cumulus has the largest Plex-experienced practice outside of Plex Consulting.  Because we are a smaller firm, we offer our clients the one-to-one attention they need in order to get through the process that lies ahead of them.  We approach every project as a partnership with our client, building the trust and rapport necessary to facilitate change and adoption of new processes.  With Cumulus, we extend the service and personal attention needed to meet or exceed all of your requirements, so you will feel confident of success from the beginning.

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