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Revolution Group

Revolution Group

Revolution Group is a leading Plex implementation and development partner offering ERP consulting services including deployment, optimization, extended application development, and disparate business systems integration.  As your technology partner, we learn your unique business requirements and apply our proven methodology, vision and industry best practices to create success.

At a Glance

The first Plex implementation partner and the first Plex certified development partner, servicing over 20% of the Plex community.

With 13+ years of experience in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud and a combined 340+ years of manufacturing experience, Revolution Group has deep industry knowledge and expertise.

Comprehensive services in manufacturing process consulting, Plex Manufacturing Cloud deployment and optimization, business system integration, extended application development, and complete project management.

Plex experience that includes successful plant deployments in a wide variety of industries ranging from single plant operations to multi-national organizations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia.

Comprehensive Solutions

Revolution Group is a leading Plex deployment and development partner offering a comprehensive array of manufacturing consulting services, from implementation to custom development.  Our team is expertly qualified to help you implement the best Plex solution to meet your needs. In addition to Manufacturing ERP Services, Revolution Group also offers Technology Services and Salesforce CRM Services.  That means we are fully equipped to handle all of your technology needs from CRM integration to hardware requirements. 

The Experience You Need

Our consultants average 20 years of manufacturing experience – from both client and consultant roles – in industries like automotive, food and beverage, defense, and precision metal forming.  This gives us the expertise to guide new Plex users through the pivotal and dynamic deployment process and continue the relationship as a trusted ERP advisor.  As the first Plex deployment partner, Revolution Group has more experience in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud than any other service partner. 

Expand Your Plex Solution

As the first Plex certified development partner, Revolution Group can expand your Plex functionality and usability with integration, optimization, training, and custom solutions. We identify opportunities for process improvement, understand and guide your response to business challenges, and implement the best manufacturing technology solutions to meet your unique environment. We know manufacturing. We know Plex. We want to know YOU. 


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