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Exciting Announcement

Exciting Announcement

Rockwell Automation to Acquire Plex Systems

Cloud-Based Inventory Management

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ERP Inventory Management Must-Haves: Attribute- and Date-Code System

Joseph Puglia November 13, 2020

Country-of-origin. GMO. Non-GMO. Organic, transitional, non-organic. Heavy metals. Allergens. Inventory management of customer-specific quality parameters is growing more complex by the day. Having the capability through a single digital system to easily manage these attributes alongside expiration date is a must for food and beverage plants. We do mean “a must.” Whether you use FIFO (first in,…

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3 Reasons Why Traceability is Key to Reducing Errors on Your Plant Floor

Plex Team September 15, 2020

High profile recalls have increased in recent years and manufacturers have paid steeply not just in money but also the impact on their reputation. Paper based records are prone to errors, difficult to manage, and may be impossible to find which means days of delays in responding to a recall. A clear way to reduce errors on your plant floor and to avoid a recall, is implementing a system that…

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Capacity Planning: A Critical Element of the Production Process

Stu Johnson October 8, 2019

Imagine this: You’ve won the big contract. You’ve dotted every i, crossed every t, and the paperwork is freshly signed and initialed. Yet, despite your efforts to check capacity before negotiations began, by the time you’re able to start the job new orders have rolled in, and your timeline is now at risk....

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Spend Time with Family and Friends This Holiday Season (Instead of Counting Inventory)

Stu Johnson December 18, 2018

It’s that time of year again. When tinsel and toys fill nearly every store window on nearly every corner of nearly every street in the U.S.A. It’s also when most manufacturers block days off on the calendar to do a physical inventory. ...

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Manufacturing Chaos to Calm: Gaining Control Over Inventory

Stu Johnson October 26, 2017

Edge Manufacturing is in a bind. Their largest customer, ABC Corporation, just ordered 210 solar-powered attic fans to be delivered by the end of this month—ABC’s biggest order ever. Edge’s inventory manager, Jim, isn’t sure the warehouse has enough raw material to fill that many orders. And, there’s only one way to find out: pull up spreadsheets....

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In Supply Chain Management, Transparency Is the New Normal

Dave Utley March 12, 2013

While supply chain management is often considered its own function within the manufacturing enterprise, effective supply chain communication is critical to virtually every area of the business. But old-school relationships between OEMs and tier suppliers were often marred by distrust, suspicion and adversity. ...

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