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Diversity is a crucial ingredient for high-performing teams. It fosters innovation and fresh ideas. At Plex, we work to purposefully bring together individuals from all backgrounds to build a stronger company for our customers.

On March 20, we held our first Women at Plex event and had a fantastic turnout. More than 100 Plexians attended in person or via Zoom to hear about the critical role that Diversity and Inclusion and gender diversity play in making Plex a better company. In support of that initiative, the team created a video to show during the event that reflects the way we view diversity and inclusion here at Plex. Here it is: 

We hosted guest speaker Tracy Galloway, Regional Vice President at Microsoft, who shared details about her career journey and various lessons she’s learned along the way. Tracy explained her idea of “Leadership X” which she defined as the importance finding the unique qualities and strengths that each of us possess that provide value. 

gender diversity and inclusion

Tracy shared four key learnings that have helped her throughout her career:

  • Take a seat at the table – be bold and know that value that you bring
  • Hit refresh daily – start every day anew and use it as an opportunity to change how you approach problems and how you interact with others
  • Shape the thinking of future leaders – find ways to support the next generation of talent
  • Organizational support – identify and build strong relationships with the individuals that support you and will help you achieve your goals

Her messages were certainly thought provoking and inspired some robust questions and conversation over lunch. This event is the first of many designed to celebrate our differences and inspire a culture of inclusion at Plex.  

Once again, I feel very fortunately to be part of this company. I cannot wait to work with the team to grow the Diversity and Inclusion program at Plex!

About the Author

Cheryl Yuran, Group Vice President of Human Resources, Plex Systems

Cheryl Yuran is group vice president of human resources and brings extensive experience developing talent and guiding people through change. Cheryl joined Plex from her position as executive vice president of human resources at Dialog Direct, a marketing and customer engagement solution provider, where she led the human resources function and strategy. She is a graduate of Michigan State University with majors in employee relations and psychology.

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