Mythbusters Alumni Close out PowerPlex 2018 with a Bang

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Mythbusters™ alumni Tory Belleci, Kari Byron, and Grant Imahara helped close out Day Three of PowerPlex 2018 with a bang. The trio came to the stage with plenty of props, games, and fun along with stories about their career paths, a behind-the-scenes look at their favorites moments on TV, and a little audience participation.

Powerplex 2018 White Rabbit Project

First up, the team recreated a classic scene from their Netflix series The White Rabbit Project. In the original episode, Tory, Kari, and Grant each recreate their favorite superhero power using science. Kari’s wish? Mind control – made possible via prototype electrode technology. In the show, Kari uses her superpower on Tory, luring him out to an Italian dinner only to control his arms and jaw as he tries to pour wine and eat. During PowerPlex, we got to see the tables turn with Tory in control of both Kari and Grant as they enjoy a meal of Fruit Loops. 

Mythbusters with Powerplex attendees

Next up from the stage: A battle between two PowerPlex attendees, during which multitasking skills between men and women are put to the test. Two brave volunteers came on stage to see how quickly they could get ready to leave the house in the morning (get dressed, make coffee, pack lunches, etc.) while a baby doll cried and a cell phone rang. Who won? The women, by a narrow margin.

Between scenes, the team filled the audience in on a few little-known facts about their histories. For instance, did you know that…

  • Kari began working for Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman for free, looking for a break in toymaking or propmaking, all before Mythbusters existed?
  • Grant performed as C-3P0 for personal appearances and commercials for Lucasfilm – and was one of the lead creators behind the updated R2-D2 robots for the Star Wars prequel trilogy? 
  • Kari, Grant, and Tori were not the original build team on Mythbusters? However, when the original build team cast decided TV wasn’t for them, Grant was an easy choice given that he, Kari and Tori had all worked together before. As they shared on stage, their chemistry on the TV show is real because they are actually friends.


Cloud Nitrogen scene at Powerplex

Finally – the Nitrogen tank, which had been sitting behind stage all week, was brought into the light for a fun close to the show. Rubber balls and roses were frozen on-stage and either smashed or handed out to audience members (thanks Kari!). Last but not least, hot water was poured in, forming an impressive skyward cloud that eventually formed a fog around the first row of tables.

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