Plex Manufacturing Execution Suite Indication of Changing Times in Manufacturing?

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Plex Systems recently announced its manufacturing operations capabilities are available as a best-of-breed, shop floor-specific offering called the Plex Manufacturing Execution Suite (Plex MES). This cloud-based suite is designed to satisfy a full spectrum of manufacturing needs from MES.

Here’s why I believe this offering doesn’t indicate a change in the Plex philosophy or purpose—but is reflective of the changing times and the needs of today’s global, digital economy.

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About the Author

Cindy Jutras, President, Mint Jutras

Cindy Jutras is a widely recognized expert in analyzing the impact of enterprise applications on business performance. Utilizing over 40 years of corporate experience and specific expertise in manufacturing, supply chain, customer service and business performance management, Cindy has spent the past 9 years benchmarking the performance of software solutions in the context of the business benefits of technology. In 2011 Cindy founded Mint Jutras LLC (, specializing in analyzing and communicating the business value enterprise applications bring to the enterprise.

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