Record-Breaking Implementation, Made Possible by the Plex Manufacturing Cloud

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What do you say when an ERP solution is implemented in just a third of the time expected to go live?




Or like the CFO, you might say it “exceeded my expectations” and that you’re “extremely satisfied.”

One of our new food customers had exactly this experience with Plex last spring. Because they needed to ramp up production of a new food line to win their own potential new customer, the food processor and the Plex team worked to speed up our implementation process.

The typical implementation takes four to five months. This one took 53 days. We think that may be a record!

Now, we can’t promise a 53-day turnaround every time, but our goal for each customer is a successful, efficient implementation. We want your project to thrive, be fully adopted by employees, and give your company the positive results you want and need.

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Besides timing, what other factors are important to you when it comes to a software implementation?