Wonton Food Predicts a Bright Future with Cloud ERP

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Wonton Food started from humble beginnings—producing high quality Asian food in Brooklyn, New York—to eventually become the largest manufacturer of noodles, wrappers and fortune cookies in the U.S.

Being the largest manufacturer in the nation means Wonton today manages multiple product lines across several factories in the U.S. Operations of this size and focus require an ERP solution to support a growing business, help it meet and exceed industry standards, and ultimately open the door to new opportunities.

Wonton began the search for a dynamic technology change and found it in a cloud-based ERP system. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud, the system of record for manufacturing leaders and innovators, was brought on to help Wonton achieve its goals and support future growth.

Since implementing Plex in January 2017, Wonton has realized greater benefits than it expected—the following all within just a few short weeks of rollout:

  • Improved traceability: Plex traceability software gave the company improved tracking capabilities, which help further support Wonton’s high food safety ratings and exceed food industry compliance requirements.
  • Streamlined processes: With multiple locations, customers and distribution centers, shipping is key to the Wonton Food customer experience. Plex helped identify ways to further improve the shipping process to ensure more on-time deliveries.
  • More visibility and transparency: Immediate data access through manufacturing operations management has changed the way the company has approached data, and how it can support its business. “So far with Plex, the data we’ve seen is real-time,” said James Wong, procurement manager and chief fortune writer at Wonton Food Inc. “We have more transparency with operations than ever before.”

James Wong said Wonton is looking forward to exploring wider and deeper process assessments in the future.

“We’ve been working on expanding in several new markets for years,” said Wong. “With Plex, we are further able to fully meet additional industry requirements, opening up the opportunity to continue to grow our business.”

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