MES Software: Plex MES Suite

Drive plant floor efficiency with high-resolution visibility, error-proofed control, and a real-time production ecosystem that is connected to your ERP—by design.

Take Control of Your Plant Floor

ERP systems weren’t designed for manufacturing execution. Plant floor information available post-production—or “back-flushed”—doesn’t help you control output at the manufacturing moment. Plex’s Manufacturing Execution Suite (Plex MES) gives you real-time production management so you have up-to-the-second manufacturing data—for end-to-end visibility and closed-loop control.


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MES Suite


Flexible, configurable, cloud-native solution for ease of deployment, standardization and integration to complement your corporate ERP system.

Suite of unified shop floor applications on a common database to eliminate the risk of disruptions or errors due to inter-application integrations.

Choreograph production and quality processes with an intuitive, error-proofed control panel that is driven directly from the control plan and captures production and waste data (OEE) in real-time.

Paperless, easy to use, operator control to increase productivity, and eliminate manual process errors.

Real-time production reporting for real-time control decisions and manufacturing intelligence to monitor critical KPIs for quicker, more confident decision-making.

Increase work-in-progress material visibility and traceability to reduce inventory costs and mitigate recall risk and/or exposure of recalls.


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Plex MES Suite

The Plex MES Suite spans the spectrum from a basic manufacturing execution system (MES) to advanced manufacturing operations management (MOM). It delivers control, transparency, and orchestration for effective manufacturing execution in a comprehensive, scalable, and configurable cloud solution to enable you to do more without adding more.

What Makes Plex Different?

Connected By Design: Plex MES is a suite of unified components that reduce the risk of disruptions common with multiple point-solution integrations. Connection to your ERP is easily accomplished with state-of-the art APIs to suit your business processes.

Error-Proofed Control: Choreographed production processes are driven directly from the control plan to reduce operator errors, shorten cycle times and improve efficiency.

High-Resolution Visibility: Digital access to the full production lifecycle improves your view of production operations from raw materials through finished goods delivering up-to-the-minute manufacturing intelligence for more confident decision-making.

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