Food and Beverage Customers

Manage inventory, access real-time data, meet aggressive production schedules and adhere to strict food and beverage industry compliance requirements with Plex.

Greater Quality Control

With Plex's ERP system, Shank's Extracts improved inventory traceability and quality control, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. (3:32)

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Manages product quality, traceablility and real-time data collection with Plex.

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Enhances profitability by leveraging Plex to reduce inventory discrepancies.

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Delivers high-quality products for its customers.

Runs Plex to deliver herbs, spices, mills and spice racks.

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Improves decision-making thanks to real-time access to business data.

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Improves its inventory accuracy to 99.9% with Plex.

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Leverages real-time data to support traceability and recalls.

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Leverages Plex's traceability software to maintain high food safety ratings.

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Best Practices in Food Traceability

Easily meet HACCP requirements and see how to achieve automated, simple, accurate and speedy traceability.

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Food Safety and Quality

Learn more about the results of Aberdeen's latest report, which illustrates a rapidly evolving food and beverage industry.

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3 Reasons Why Food and Beverage Processors Choose Plex

Learn more about the advantages of running your business with Plex.

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See how food and beverage organizations like yours are harnessing the power of Plex.

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