GinSan Industries

GinSan Industries Trims Product-Customizing Process From Days to Fewer Than Five Minutes

At a Glance

Manufacturer of self-service car wash equipment reduces sales order processing time from two days to fewer than five minutes.

Option Configurator functionality generates accurate bill of materials for custom orders.

Real-time data availability enables the company to up-sell products and services.

About GinSan Industries

Founded in 1976, GinSan Industries is a provider of equipment to the self-service car wash industry. Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, GinSan Industries designs and manufactures an entire line of car wash equipment. The company has recently expanded to serve convenience stores, gas stations, manufacturing, apartment complexes, golf courses and rental car companies.

A full-service company, GinSan Industries provides site inspection, product recommendation, custom design and manufacturing, and installation and servicing of equipment. It is a leader in the equipment rehabilitation service, which involves the addition of products or services to the existing product line to enhance the customer experience and sales. For example, GinSan Industries can add products such as coin acceptors, display features, credit card acceptors and other products to upgrade an existing system.

GinSan Industries’ operations previously relied on an antiquated materials resource planning (MRP) system. When the company opted to combine its vacuum and shampooing, machines and mountings and pump stand and nozzles business divisions, it realized the need for an upgraded enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. The company chose Plex Cloud ERP for its ease of use and ability to track and communicate accurate data across the enterprise. In addition, Plex offered customized functionalities that catered to its industry-specific needs.

Company Improves Sales Process with Accurate Bill of Materials

The bill of materials (BOM) is the foundation of GinSan Industries’ efficient and successful operations. Incomplete, incorrect or inconsistent data in a BOM will lead to production and manufacturing issues and negatively impact production efficiency.

Due to the customized nature of GinSan Industries’ business, an accurate BOM is critical to:

  • Reduce administrative costs.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Increase flexibility.
  • Reduce lead time.

Generating a customer order requires gathering a great deal of details including color choices, payment and loyalty options, types of vacuums and other considerations. Every finished product is customized according to the customers’ specifications. Any error in the order-entry process will result in a misallocation of resources and potential customer dissatisfaction.

“We now have a build-to-order approach that is very customer-specific.”

Prior to implementing Plex Cloud ERP, sales people at GinSan had to flip through pages of options books, noting which features the customer wanted and which options were available. The original MRP system frequently created inaccurate BOMs because of errors in manual data entry.

Through the use of the Plex Option Configurator, these features and relationships are defined once in a single BOM for each order. Now, when the sales person takes an order, he or she only needs to check off the part number choices from a limited list. The system then quickly creates a 100 percent accurate BOM, calculates the price and tracks the parts, all in real time. It also advises buyers which parts need to be acquired and monitors the progress of the corresponding jobs.

“We now have a build-to-order approach that is very customer-specific,” said Sigrid Valk-Feeney, president and owner of GinSan Industries. “That helps reduce waste and allows us to deliver the product to the customer quicker than we were previously able to.”

The Option Configurator has not only simplified the process, but has also enabled the salesperson to provide valuable advice. “When we are on the phone with a customer, as all our products’ details are readily available, we are able to provide suggestions and it opens the door for up-sale of services or products,” said Valk-Feeney.

“Real-time data availability enables the company to up-sell products and services.”

More Efficient Business Processes Benefit Company and Its Customers

“Plex has simplified our processes to a large extent,” explained Valk-Feeney. “The whole process of customizing a product for sales purposes used to take days. Now we can do it over the phone within five minutes. That feature alone has dramatically improved our sales process.”

Every process at the company, including order entry, order confirmation, job creation, manufacturing, assembly, inventory management and shipping is automated through Plex. Integration of these features results in fewer inventory issues and makes it easier to manage engineering changes.

GinSan Industries is committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective products and services to its customers. As virtually each order is completely customized and delivered within a 24-hour turnaround time, the company relies on the cloud ERP solution to gather, maintain and communicate accurate information at every step, from order entry to shipping. The entire manufacturing process is simplified, the company has more visibility in its operations and customers receive orders in a more timely fashion.