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Precision Metalforming Customers

Our Precision Metalforming customers choose Plex to improve quality and productivity while maintaining tight control over online inventory management, equipment, schedules and costs.

Inventory Visibility and Control

Not only did Wisco eliminate annual physical inventory count but they gained real-time visibility into operations. (3:42)

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Continuous innovation program achieves $1.2 million in annual savings.

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Leverages Plex to prevent, identify and solve production issues quickly.

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Leveraged the PMA to find an ERP solution.

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Redeployed 50% of its IT staff to more strategic activities.

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Reduced machine down time with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

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Leverages its leading-edge technology to earn credibility with prospects.

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Reduced scrap rates, down time and employee turnover with Plex.

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Manages inventory in real-time, ending need for physical inventory counts.

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ERP Selection and Implementation Tips

Get tips for selecting the right ERP system for your industry, techniques for managing change, pointers for best practice adoption, embracing modern technology, and more.

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Manufacturing Agility through MES Excellence

Learn how to achieve manufacturing agility in today’s world of wildly fluctuating demand and constant change.

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Plex in Precision Metalforming

Plex will keep your plant running smoothly with production scheduling, serialized inventory and tooling management.

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What can you do with Plex?

See how precision metalforming organizations like yours are harnessing the power of Plex.

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