Business Processes

Streamlined processes are essential for business success. Plex connects people and processes together to deliver a platform for your future innovations.

Success is in the Details

From first customer contact to shipment and payment, your success is dependent on how well you handle each business process — from beginning to end and every step in between.

Manufacturing Metrics That Really Matter

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Manage Your Business from End to End

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud provides the breadth and flexibility you need to flawlessly execute your essential business processes.

Consolidate to Report

Report your multi-entity business with ease

Design to Retire

Manage the full lifecycle of your products

Order to Cash

Treat your customer right and convert orders into cash

Plan to Produce

Manage your production with quality and control

Procure to Pay

Efficiently manage your purchasing processes from start to finish

Reconcile to Report

Produce a comprehensive audit trail for confident reporting


Focus on Financials

Create value through real-time financial tracking and comprehensive business process solutions.

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Quality in Discrete Manufacturing

Learn how to use an end-to-end approach to ensure customer satisfaction and reduce business costs.

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ERP for Heavy Equipment Manufacturers

Experience end-to-end visibility and manufacturing agility delivered on a flexible cloud business model.

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What can you do with Plex?

See how companies are harnessing the power of Plex.