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Design to Make

Design, launch, revise, produce, sell and remove your products from the market seamlessly while maintaining a comprehensive history for feeding the product lifecycle. Integrated data management ties it all together.

Complete PDM From Cradle to Grave

Improve your accuracy, productivity and decision-making with end-to-end product data management (PDM) functionality. Maintain a clean bill of materials (BOM) and manage changes throughout the product’s life. Execute flawless product launches for successful, repeatable programs.

Improve Your Data Visibility to Drive Manufacturing Performance

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  • Manage program costs, resources and timing
  • Make your teams more productive by clearly managing responsibilities, task statuses and deliverables
  • Efficiently monitor team performance with objective and accurate metrics
  • Engage your customers by communicating program status and results for increased satisfaction
design to make

Single Source of Truth

Data collected by multiple systems, stored in different databases or managed by incompatible tools
can make successful release-to-manufacturing difficult — if not impossible. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud keeps product data together in one secure place to help you maintain control of each product from conception to retirement.

  • One Version of the Truth

    Through integral product data storage, the Plex Manufacturing Cloud gives you unparalleled visibility into your business and instills confidence that you have the right data for the right job. All data is maintained in a single place, eliminating redundant, duplicate data entry. Customer requirements and changes flow seamlessly into production operations and financial reporting. All team members and stakeholders have secure access to the single version of the truth that is essential for effective data management.

  • Know Your Products

    Having access to the right version of the right document is essential to keeping up with customer demands. When the inevitable changes occur, you can rest assured that the changes will ripple through to everywhere that is affected. Tight management of program activities and deliverables ensures that your business runs smoothly — project after project — and helps you maintain profitability and keep up with growth.


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