Customer Order Management Modules

Manage all of your comprehensive customer master data in one central location.

Take control of your customer master data and maintain detailed information about their financial ratings, contacts, communication logs, part or item numbers, and more. Enter, track and fulfill spot buys or blanket customer orders and releases using standard or custom pricing.

Customer Module

  • Create and maintain detailed customer records and related data such as financial, address, contacts and communication information
  • Use the Customer Cockpit to view the most relevant top-level information on the customer on a single screen with convenient navigation links to more detailed data

Order Entry and Tracking

  • Enter, track and fulfill customer orders and capture key data at each stage of the sales funnel
  • Link orders to production schedules and inventory allocation to drive MRP and purchasing decisions

Scrap Sales Tracking

  • Track and report sales of scrap material

Customer Orders and Releases

  • Store all customer order and release information, including order number, item numbers, due dates and quantities, for detailed analysis and reporting

Spot Buy Order Entry

  • Enter one-time spot buy customer orders with automatic creation and presentation of streamlined order, item and release information

Standard Price Module

  • Set up standard, cross-customer pricing based on volume discounts and other parameters