Employee Management Modules

Effectively manage your company’s greatest asset: your employees.

Get the most out of the people who power your company by better managing employee information in a comprehensive human resources management system.

Create and maintain department and employee lists, positions and job descriptions. Track training with an integrated skill matrix. Use the in/out board and visual employee list to know who’s where and who’s who.

Department List

  • Create and maintain a master list of departments, with comprehensive data by department

Employee List

  • Create a master employee list to capture all necessary and relevant data about employees
  • Identify employees’ career goals and responsibilities to which the employee might be open
  • Perform succession planning with tools that track your talent pool and help you identify high potential employees

Employee Records

  • Create and maintain employee HR records such as reviews, disciplinary actions and other key events for future reference and consideration

In/Out Board

  • Create and maintain employee movement records to know who is where in the company at any time

Positions and Job Descriptions

  • Create and maintain details about employee positions (job titles) to help you hire the right people for the right job

Skill Matrix

  • Develop a skill matrix of skill level relative to each position
  • Define each position with a list of required skills
  • Match employee training records to corresponding skills

Training Tracking

  • Track employee training, especially for the purpose of achieving and maintaining quality certifications

Visual Employee List

  • Store digital images of employees for visual verification and HR records
  • Display employee images sorted and filtered by department, position or assignment