Centralized Purchasing Modules

With Plex, ERP integration is seamless and allows you to extend your supply chain operations with businesses in your enterprise for higher efficiency and greater accuracy. Click here to learn more.

Maintain complete supply chain visibility for increased efficiency through extended inter-entity purchasing integration, including automatic release creation and end-to-end container traceability.

Enterprise Release Management

  • Issue purchase orders (POs) that automatically create corresponding sales orders and releases in the Plex system of your sister company. Similarly, let POs issued by your sister companies who are also using Plex automatically create sales orders in your system.
  • Ship product to your sister companies that is already labeled and identified in their inventory as in-transit and ready for receipt finalization — and receive the same from them.
  • Take advantage of Plex inventory traceability from the manufacturing process of companies in your enterprise to your point of receipt.

Consolidated Purchase Order

  • Issue a consolidated purchase order for your enterprise, taking advantage of bulk purchase terms, consistent pricing and single point of supplier relationship.
  • Allow entities to issue releases against consolidated purchases orders, as and when their business requires, taking advantage of centralized terms and yet localized material management.